Freedom Dancers

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The Dancer’s Workout®
All the way from the USA and Freedom is Proud to say we are the only instructors in the UK!
The Dancer’s Workout is a program of one-hour classes for former and current dancers. Each class uses ballet, jazz, contemporary, pop, beginner’s hip hop, and toning exercises to deliver a non-stop, high-energy, exhilarating workout.

Class Description

Non-stop, high-energy, and exhilarating! Current and former dancers who are bored by treadmills, gym fitness classes, and traditional exercise regimens will love the interesting way The Dancer’s Workout builds choreography throughout the hour and culminates with an exciting dance at the end of the cardio segment.

Jules Szabo The founder  has choreographed the actual dance instruction into the class so dancers can reap the benefits of non-stop movement while learning the choreography. To complement the cardio portion of The Dancer’s Workout, each class also includes careful warm up, stretching, and toning exercises.

This is not a beginner’s dance class, as ballet fundamentals and the ability to quickly pick up choreography are required.

The Dancer’s Workout is great for former dancers who want to find their way back home and for active dancers who are interested in maintaining flexibility and cardio stamina.

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