Freedom Dancers

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Calling all Adult Dancers!

Hi my names Laura-Jayne and I own Freedom Dancers in Hyde. We’re quite a large school with over 450 pupils but what makes us different is we have a large adult side to our school! 

I set the classes up because when I was looking for adult classes to attend that was suitable for ex dancers in Tameside I found it very difficult! The tap classes were too slow, the street classes I was a grown woman in with a load of teenagers! When I ventured in to Manchester for them I faced various problems, it was time, money, parking, late nights and the dark and I just give up. Then I had an  idea and I decided to expand and offer adult classes too and wow it’s took off!!!

Do you love to dance? Do you love to perform? Do you want to improve technique? Have you danced before? (As long as you can keep rhythm we’ll teach you the rest!)

Come and join us!!!


Intermediate and advanced Tap-8-8.45pm (must have basic knowledge)

Street 8.45-9.30pm

Tuesday: Burlesque- 7-7.45pm (ours involved fast paced routines and sometimes softer contemporary routines )

Defiant’s- Performance class 8.45-9.45pm (these go out to perform at various venues)

Choral Chiefs- (singing) 9.45-10.45pm

Thursday: Adult contemporary (must have basic knowledge or danced before) 7.30-8.15pm

We perform at: