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Lottie Willis:

Freedom Leader 


Alice is an inspiration to the school and is a well and truly deserving winner of our Freedom Dancers Leader Award. 

Alice never fails to amaze me or the team and is the perfect role model to all Freedomers!

A bit about Alice from the Freedom Teachers...

Alice's Tap Skills

Alice started tap about a year ago and was a complete beginner  and had never even put a pair of tap shoes on before. She started in a younger beginners class to learn the basics but this did not put her off. She pushed and pushed her self each week and at home too, to master the tap art and moved up a few groups to tap with the advanced group in our recent productions. Her determination and dedication to this discipline is incredible and all her hard work has definitely paid off! 

Laura-Jayne - Freedom Dancers Principal


Alice in her Street Dance classes

Alice attends street dance classes and works extremely hard in them, however for this show we asked Alice to play the roll of Eminem instead. She still attended all rehearsals and learnt the full routine even though she only danced small sections when not singing! 

That's commitment and dedication right there for you!

Laura-Jayne - Freedom Dancers Principal

Alice as a role model to others...

Alice worked with our younger Freedomer's in her Elton John Megamix and was a fantastic help to them. She learnt small sections of the dance to perform with them to help them out and came in for extra rehearsals so they would all feel comfortable with her on stage. She's been brilliant guiding the little ones and they all love her to bits. Megan - Freedom Teacher of Commercial Mini's


Alice the Singing Sensation!

Not only is Alice a sensational singer, dancer & performer, I feel she is the perfect candidate for Freedom Leader as she has become the glue that binds everybody together at Freedom. It is such a pleasure to see and a great quality to have as Alice creates an aura that sees nobody left out and brings together everybody’s differences. That’s what Freedom is all about and Alice executes this ethos perfectly. With a strong and dedicated family support, coupled with this raw natural talent, we see great things for this budding superstar

Michael - Singing Coach

What's next for Alice as OUR FREEDOM LEADER!

Alice has won herself a scholarship that entitles her to a years free membership at Freedom Dancers. She will be picking up extra classes in various disciplines and no doubt wanting to become stronger in all areas, so watch this space!

She will be helping in some of the classes at Freedom and will be guiding the younger ones through their Freedom Journey.  

You will see Alice at ALL Freedom events leading the way, singing our chant and just the general Face of Freedom and will be leading our performance teams in SPAIN this year! 

We all love you Alice and are super proud to call you 



Freedom is like a second home to me. Every time I walk through those studio doors I just can’t wait to dance. If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would be an advanced dancer by 15 I would have never believed it but Freedom helped me build my confidence and put myself out there. Not only did I learn to dance but I also made friends for life and I can’t imagine my life without them. Everyone at the studio is a part of making me the person I am today. I am so thankful for all my dance teachers and staff members because they always make me feel welcome and at home. Everyone at freedom has changed my life forever and I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the impact they have had on my life.

Alice Fitzgerald

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